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Thank you for your Interest in Kokobaba.com.

We basically offer an online Jukebox used as an advertising portal. It services two client groups. We will start with an explanation of our Jukebox entertainment system.

The main system where music videos are streamed shows a Jukebox ID in the bottom right corner. This Id is used by the viewer to "connect" with the Jukebox. The viewer can now ad music videos to the playlist of the Jukebox by phone.

On the Jukebox ads are displayed periodically by the system. The viewer connected to a Jukebox also sees these ads on their phone! These ads are local ads from entpunuer wishing to establish a presents. This services the client group wishing to advertise on our FREE to consumer Kokoobaba Jukeboxes.

As for our second target group we offer a white lable jukebox. This is our product for a business establisment with on premisis (future) clientel. As the white label suggests:

It is labeled with your logo, it comes built in with 10 available ad spaces (upgradable), that are only shown on your premisis. So you can show your content to your clients while they engage with your private white label jukebox.

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